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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 13, No. 4, 1990

▶ Original Article

Experimental Transplantation of Left Lung in Dogs
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):277-283.
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Increased UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase Activity in the Liver Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluence-Treated Rats
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):285-291.
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Effect of Naloxone on the Cerebral Ischemia of the Rats
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):293-300.
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The Experimental Study on the Effect of Radiation and Cis-Dichlorodiammineplatinum(II) in Rat Skin
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):301-306.
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The Effects of Caffeine and Aminophylline on co Poisoning Incuced Activity of Mouse
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):307-313.
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The Effect of Nitroglycerine-Induced Hypotension on the Hemodynamics During Isoflurane-N2O-O2 Anesthesia in Dogs
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):315-324.
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Serum Aluminum Level in End-Stage Renal Failure
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):325-329.
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The Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):331-337.
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A Clinical Study on Intrahepatic Stone
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):339-345.
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A Comparative Study between Surgery Alone and Surgery with Postoperative Administration of Antitubeculos Chemotherapeutics for Regional Complications Following BCG Vaccination
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):347-354.
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Assessment of Follicular Maturation by Plasma Estradiol Levels and Ultrasound During Normal Periovulatory Period
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):355-363.
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Urinary Imaging in Children with Urinary Tract Infection
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):365-372.
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Psychosocial Stressors and Ratings in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):373-381.
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Operative Treatment in Patellar Fracture
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):383-389.
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Cervical Spinal Interbody Fusion with Surgibone
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):391-398.
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Study of the Surgical Management of Pituitary Adenoma
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):399-407.
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Epidermiologic Study for Urolithiasis and Diet in Korean People(III): A Comparision Study between Dietary Change and Urolithiasis in 1970s and 1980s
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):409-418.
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CO2 Laser Treatment of Dermatologic Lesions: Therapeutic Effects in the Cutaneous Pigmented and Vascular Lesions
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):419-429.
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The Effect of Oxygen Asministration by Reservoir Tube During Immediate Postoperative Period
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):431-434.
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▶ Case Report

A Case of Congenital Hypothyroidism Due to Thyroid Hypoplasia
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):435-441.
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A Case of Active Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Successful Treated with Plasmapheresis
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):443-446.
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Retroperitoneal Malignant Schwannoma Associated with Von Recklinghausen Disease
Ewha Med J 1990;13(4):447-452.
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