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Clinical Experience of Neodymium-YAG Laser on Superficial Bladder Tumor

Bong Suck Shim, Young Yo Park, Sung Won Kwon
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Department of Urology, College of Medicine, Ewha Womans University, Korea.

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


Superfical bladder tumor can be easily treated by transurethral resection, but the recurrent rate is up to 40~70% and if recurred it is more invasive.

Lasers can not only destroy tumor tissuebut but also seal up vessels and lymphatics with vaporization and coagulation by virtue of the hyperthermic effect that can occur when intense energy of laser is absorbed and transformed into heat. So it is more effective and safe on treatment of superficial bladder tumor than eletric coagulation.

The authors used the Nd-YAG laser for the treatment of 70 patients with superficial bladder tumor and followed more than 12 months at Ewha Womans University hospital from Oct. 1985 to July 1987.

The following results were obtained ;

1) Patients' age ranged from 33 to 82 years(mean 57.1) 63 of 70 patients were male and 7 of those were female, Follow up interval ranged from 12 to 52 months(mean 29).

2) Average energy of application was 4,509 joules. Average energy application for single lesion less than 2 cm was 2,977 and that for multiple lesion or more than 2 cm was 16,231 joules, respectively. No spectively. No specific complications were observed.

3) Of 70 patients, 15 patients were recurred and the recurrent rate was 21.4%. The range or currence interval was 3 to 37 months(average 12.1).

4) Of the recurred patients, 73.3% of all cases was recurred within one year. Two cases were progressive to invasive type.

5) Grade was more important factor than stage recurred rate and time.

Recurrence rate by grade was 20% in grade II and 50% in grade III. And recurrence interval by grade were 13.5 month in grade II and 4.7 month in grade III respectively.

We concluded that Neodymium-YAG laser was excellent and safe on treatment of superficial bladder tumor.