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Effectsof Protein and Amino Acid(Glutamate) on the Development of Late 2-Cell Mouse Embryo in vitro

Han Ki Yu

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Published Online: Dec 31, 1994


Late two-cell mouse embryos from ICR(Swiss albino) mice were cultured to the blastocyst stage in New MHBS media.

In order to invertigate the effect protein macromolecule and glutamine on the development of preimplantation embumin(BSA), polyvinylpyrolidone (PVP) and glutamine and the rate of blastocyst developnent was observed.

The results were as following:

1) There were a signigicant difference in blastocyst development of early and late 2-cell mouse embryos(p<0.05).

2) The development of late 2-cell mouse embryo to blastocyst in the BSA-free but containing glutamine was higher than those of 0.4% BSA, 0.4% PVP group.

3) The development of late 2 cell mouse embryo in the MHBS containing glutamine was higher than MHBS with BSA but glutamine-free media group(p<0.05).

4) Blastocyst development is higher in media supplemented with glutamine than in media containing no glutamine.

5) These study suggests that the addition of glutamine to the culture media may be a required for energy substrate for in-vitro development of late 2-cell mouse embryo.