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Clinical Studies of the Pressure Sore

Han Joog Kim
Corresponding author: Han Joog Kim. Department of Plastic Surgery, Ewha Womans University College of Medicine, Korea.

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


A pressure sore is generally considered to be an area of ulceration and necrosis of the skin occurring in any part of the body but usually over an underlying bony prominence which is subject to prolonged or often repeated pressure. Such areas of ulceration are also known as bedsores and decugitus ulcers. In the care of the ulcer, the underlying physical, metabolic and neurovascular etiologic factors are corrected in so far as possible. The purpose of definitive surgery is to remove the ulcer, itscontents, surrounding unsatisfactory tissues, infected bursae and the underlying, often devitalized, bony prominence, en bloc if possible. We had 20 cases of bedsores who were admitted to EWHA hospital during the 2 years from July 1977 to July 1979. Author has been satisfactorily treated by large good padding local flap coverage or split thickness skin graft for the defects following removed of the ulcers, including surrounding scar tissue and underlying bony prominence in Department of Plastic Surgery in EWHA University Hospital, and brief review of references.