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Clinical Study of Traumatic Injuries of the Pancreas and Duodenum

Han Sun Kim, Eung Bum Park
Corresponding author: Eung Bum Park. Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, Ewha Womans University, Korea.

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


12 injuries of the duodenum and pancreas were treated at Ewha Womans University Hospital From 1976 to 1982 and 10 of 12 cases were treated operatively. The result was as follows 1) 12 injuries were due to blunt(11) and Stab(1). 5 of the 11 cases of blunt trauma were due to road traffic accident. Other injuries were due to blow(3), fall(2) and kick(1). 2) There were 7 isolated duodenal injuries, 3 isolated pancreas injuries and 2 combined pancreaticoduodenal injuries. 3) Serum amylase determination preoperatively was done in all cases. 9 of 12 patients was elevated. 4) Associated and concomitant injuries were present in 7 patients including the following injuries organ : Stomach(3), Jejunum(2) and Retroperitoneal vessel(2). 5) Three main methods of treatment were used simple suture & drainage(4), simple suture and adjuctive operations(4). pancreaticoduodenetomy(2). 6) The postoperative complications were would infection, pancreatic fistula, duodenal leakage & fistula, pneumonia and sepsis. Among the complications, duodenal leakage and wound infections were most common ones. 7) 3 death occurred in these groups and the mortality was 30 percent. Th causes of death were sepsis and hypovolemia.