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Radiological Study of Primary Pneumonia in the Children

Young Sik Lee, Ho In Chung, Chung Sik Rhee

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


We retrospectively reviewed chest radiographs of 101 patients with primary pneumonia treatedat department of pediatrics between January 1990 and June 1992 to understand pnelimoniaradiologic patterns in ages of children and to attain helpful information in diagnosing pediaoicpneumonia hereafter.

Results were as follows :

1) The cases of infantile pneumonia (under 1 year of age) were 42. The most frequent Hadingwas peribronchial infiltration with overaeration(24 cases, 57.1% ), followed by multiple patchyatelectasis associated with peribronchial infiltration and overaeration(8 cases, 19.0%). parahilarperibronchial infiltration (5 cases. 11.9%), peribronchial infiltration and air space consolidation(2 cases,4.8%), air space consolidation(2 cases,4.8%) and bronchopneumonia pattern(1 case,2.4%).

2) The cases of 1~6 years of age were 52. The most common finding was parahilar peribron-chial infiltration(29 cases, 55.8%), followed by air space consolidation(13 cases. 25.0%), andbronchopneumonia pattern(10 cases, 19,2%).

3) The rases of 7~13 years of age were 7. All cases showed air space consolidation.Under 6 years of age, the radiographic findings of pneumonia differed from that of adult.

Over 7 years of age, the pattern of pneumonia was similar to that of adult.