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A Study on the Social Character of Koreans

Kun Hoo Rhee

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


This study was performed to analyse the social character of Koreans which was percepted bycollege students, and to compare with the social charater presented by the previous researches.The evaluation method was the opened questionaire which was composed of the content,Which is the unique and major social charater of Koreans?. The subjects of this survey were500 college students sampled by random sampling method.

The results of this study were as follows :

1) These traits were Presented as the major social charater of koreans : first quick-tempered,second emotional and affectionate, third lack of accuracy, fourth sensitive toward other'sresponse, fifth familialistic and collectivistic, sixth show-off, seven self-centered, eighth resistant to change, ninth introverted, tenth authoritative trait.

2) The neucler traits among 10 social carater of Koreans was e emotinal and affectionate,familialistic and collectivistic tendency which was consistant with the previous research results.

3) It was found that compared the results of this study with the previous researches, the social chararter of emotinality and affectionateness was continued but the authoritative trait wasdecresed and the quirk-temperedness was intensified.

Keywords: The social character; Koreans