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Argon Laser and Nd-Yag Laser Combined Iridectomy

Kyu Ryong Choi

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


Laser iridectomy with combined application of the argon and the Nd-YAG laser was perfomed on 48 eyes with narrow angle glaucoma. Patients were followed for from minimum 3months to maximum 18 months and were evaluated the success rate of iridectomy patency, thepostoperative intraocular pressure(after 3 months), the number of application and the postoperative complications.

In this study, the results obtained are as follows:

1) Patency rates of iridectomy site were 87.5%.

2) Postoperative intraocular pressure was well controlled except 3 cases after 3 months later(19mmHg>), and the number of prophylactic contralateral healthy eye was 17.

3) Postoperative complications were transient eccentric pupil, corneal bum, mild iritis andhyphema,lOP spiking and localized anterior capsular opacity.

Additional laser iridectomy were needed in 4 cases and trabeculertomy were 2 cases.