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Return to sports following arthroscopic Bankart repair: a narrative review

Shafira Widya Utami1, Savina Rifky Pratiwi1, Mitchel Mitchel2, Karina Sylvana Gani2, Erica Kholinne1,3,*
1Faculty of Medicine, Trisakti University, Jakarta 11440, Indonesia.
2Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta 14440, Indonesia.
3Eka Hospital, Tangerang 15321, Indonesia.
*Corresponding Author: Erica Kholinne, Faculty of Medicine, Trisakti University, Jakarta 11440, Indonesia. Eka Hospital, Tangerang 15321, Indonesia. E-mail:

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Received: Feb 19, 2024; Revised: Apr 07, 2024; Accepted: Apr 11, 2024

Published Online: Apr 30, 2024


The Bankart lesion is a common manifestation of shoulder instability observed particularly among young athletes. Athletes undergoing arthroscopic Bankart repair demonstrate higher rates of return to sport compares to alternative anterior shoulder stabilization methods. Rehabilitation therapy following surgery is crucial for improving shoulder mobility and strength, hastening return to activities, and boosting patient satisfaction. However, many criteria considered to determine the athlete's return to sport. Surgeons typically advise athletes to resume sports six months post-surgery, aiming for at least 80% of pre-injury strength, full range of pain-free motion, and improvement in shoulder proprioception. Although most types of sports have a high rate of return to sport, it should be noted that overhead sports types have the lowest return-to-sport rates compared to other type of sports. While many athletes return to their previous level, some may face psychological challenges. The purpose of this article to present an overview of anterior shoulder instability and focuses on rehabilitation and the return to sport after arthroscopic Bankart repair.

Keywords: anterior shoulder instability; rehabilitation; Bankart lesion; arthroscopic Bankart repair; return to sport