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Incidence of Accidents in an Women's University : A Cohhrt Study

Jung-Sun Park, Cha-Hyung Wie
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Department of Prevertive of Medicine, Medical College, Ewha Womans University, Korea.

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


To determine the incidence rate and the epidemiologic characteristics of accidents in Ewha Womans University. a cohort observation was carried Out from August 1988 to July 1990.

The data were collected from the patients came to the University Health Center.

The major findings of this study were as follows:

1) The annual incidence rate of accidents was 18.4 in college students ; 8.5 in postgraduate students; and 17.4 per 1,000 in the faculty respectively.

2) The Autamn (41.8%) was the season of high ircidence for accidents, and the afternoon(49.9%) was the time of high incidence for accidents. However, there was no appreciable difference by day of week.

3) The places of high incidence for accidents were dormitory(14.6%). laboratories(11.8%), and play ground(9.1 %) except for outside the university(33.0%).

4) Self-carelessness(91.9%) was the most frequent cause of accident.

5) The frequent injury were abrasion(43.2%) and laceration(26.8%)

6) The frequent injured sites were hands(35.1%) and legs(31.3%).

7) The interval between tile occurance of an accident and the treatment was less than 1hour(46.6%).

8) After accidents, most college students(78.6%). visited the university health center for care during school days, but most postgraduate students(97.5%) and the faculty(75.6%) visited university dormitory health office during afternoon and night.