Aims and Scope

Our mission is to publish the best research and information at the intersection of biomedical science, clinical practice, and medical education and to present this information in understandable, clinically useful formats that inform health care practice and improve patient outcomes. EMJ keeps health care professionals at the leading edge of medical knowledge, fosters broad understanding in their areas of interest, and provides a variety of engaging and innovative ways to learn.

While pursuing our mission, we commit to partnering with the public and medical students to ensure their best interests are served. As EMJ has based on the academic institution in Korea, we allow to publish some review articles or editorial in Korean. We also accept case reports or images and solutions for educational purpose.

We believe that medicine must serve society. We should devote to disseminate medical information to the public; to achieve this goal, EMJ is freely available on immediately after the date of publication.

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April, 2024
Vol. 47, No. 2


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