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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 2, No. 1, 1979

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▶ Original Article

The Analytical Studies of Organic Farming in Korea
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):1-17.
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Effect of Viscaceae on the Cholesterol biosynthesis in the rat liver tissue
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):19-23.
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Effect of Vitamin B12 on Nucleic Acid Metabolism in Lactobacillus leichmanii (Effect of Allicin on Nucleic Acid Metabolism)
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):25-28.
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Cholesterol Content of Traditional Foods in Korea: III. Phytosterol Content of Cereals, Fruits, and Vegetables
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):29-33.
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Lactase Deficiency in Healthy Korean Adults: Diagnosis by Routine Upper Gastrointestinal Radiolography
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):35-41.
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A Comparative Study of Schizophrenic and Medical Inpatients as Informed Drug Consumers
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):43-47.
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Statistical Study of Dermatosis During 5 Years: 1973~1977
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):49-55.
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▶ Case Report

Leiomysarcoma of the Stomach: Report of One Case
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):57-61.
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Solitary Bone Cyst of the Right Maxilla - Report of Case -
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):63-65.
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A Case of di Guglielmo Syndrome
Ewha Med J 1979;2(1):67-71.
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