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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 20, No. 3, 1997

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Effects of Decrease in Cardiac Output on the Changes of End-tidal Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure in the Acute Hemorrhagic Dogs
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):279-283.
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An Analysis of Patch Test Results in Patients with Cosmetic and Noncosmetic Contact Dermatitis
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):285-292.
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Findings of Computed Tomographu of Pleural Lesions : Difference between Malignant and Benign Lesions
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):293-299.
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Aortic Dissection ; Chest Radiograph-CT Correlation
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):301-307.
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Endoscopic Fenestration Procedures to Cerebral Arachnoid Cysts
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):309-313.
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Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery(VATS): Report of 96 Procedures
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):315-319.
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Effects of Head-Down Tilt Position on Cerebral Blood Flow by Transcranial Doppler
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):321-326.
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▶ Case Report

A Case of Adult Wilms' Tumor
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):327-330.
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Tree Cases of Rhino-Orbito-Cerebral Mucormycosis
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):331-335.
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▶ Original Article

Tension Pneumothorax Developed during General Anesthesia
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):337-341.
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▶ Case Report

Anesthetic Management of Difficult Airway with Tracheal Stenosis in Neonate
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):343-347.
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A Case of Rapid Diagnosis of Down Syndrome by FISH
Ewha Med J 1997;20(3):349-354.
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