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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 8, No. 1, 1985

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▶ Review Article

Health Education for Prevention of Blindness in Health Delivery System
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):3-10.
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▶ Original Article

The Effect of Vitamin A and α-Tocopherol on Hydroxylation of AAF in the Young Rat Liver Microsome
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):11-19.
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Histopathologic Study of the Bile Ducts in Mice Infected with Cionorchis Sinensis
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):21-27.
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A Study on the Localization of the Carcinoembryonic Antigen in Uterine Cervical Dysplasia Carcinoma
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):29-39.
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A Study on the Relation between Serum Calcium, Magnesium and Plasma Renin Activity in Essential Hypertension
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):41-48.
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The Effect of Estradiol and Progesterone on the Concentration of Estradiol Receptor in Uterine Tissue During the Early Pregnancy of Rats
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):49-55.
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▶ Case Report

Physiological Dual Chamber Pacemaker Implantation (VDD Type, a Report of 2 Cases)
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):57-68.
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A Case of Gilberts Syndrome Combined with Hemolysis
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):69-75.
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A Case of Tuberculoma in Posterior Fossa
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):77-83.
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A Case of Testicular Embryonal Cell Carcinoma
Ewha Med J 1985;8(1):85-88.
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