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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 8, No. 4, 1985

▶ Original Article

The Comparative Immunohistochemical Study of Carcinoembryonic Antigen(CEA) by Immunoperoxidase Method Between Polyps and Adenocarcinoma of the Stomach
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):113-118.
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Quantitative Analysis of Inorganic Calcium and Phosphorus in the Cortical Bone of Human Sternum
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):119-124.
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Experimental Study on Nerve Regeneration Using Reversed Vascularized Nerve Graft
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):125-136.
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A Clinical Study of Sibling Schizophrenics: Focusses on Familydynamic and Familial Psychopathology
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):137-143.
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A Clinical Evaluation of Trabeculectomy
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):145-150.
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A Study of Effect of Recirculation in Experimental Cerebral Ischemia
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):151-160.
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Clinical Study of Delayed Traumatic Intracerebral Hematoma
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):161-168.
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Clinical Observation on the Expectorant Activity of Ambroxol
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):169-173.
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A Study on Metabolic Abnormalities in Patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (Inducing Serum Phosphate)
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):175-180.
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A Study on Irritancy, Allergy, Photoallergy and Phototoxicity in Cosmetics
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):181-186.
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▶ Case Report

An Experience of Treatment of Solitary Bone Cyst with Topical Injection of Steroid: One Case
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):187-190.
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▶ Original Article

Skull Metastasis from Thyroid Carcinoma
Ewha Med J 1985;8(4):191-195.
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