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In Vivo Effect of Theophylline on the Ovulation, Fertilization and Implantation of Mice

Sung Rye Kim, Wan Kyoo Cho
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College of Medicine, Ewha Womans University, Korea.
Department of Zoology, College of Natural Science, Seoul National University, Korea.
Corresponding author: Wan Kyoo Cho. Department of Zoology, College of Natural Science, Seoul National University, Korea.

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


In vivo treatment of theophylline, we have obtained results and summarized them as below. 1) Effects of theophylline on ovulation, and maturation of the oocytes in mouse; (1) The group treated with theophylline at the time of PMS injection, showed marked decrease of the ovulation rate. (2) If theophylline was given to the animals at the time of injection of HCG, the maturality of the oocytes in the Graafian follicles seemed to be inhibited. 2)Effects of the theophylline on the maturality of the oocytes ovulated, and fertilizability of the eggs. (1) The female mice injected with theophylline with PMS remarkably desreased in mating rate. (2) If treatment of theophylline was made with HCG injection, oocyte maturation was inhibited. (3) The production of 2-cell embryo markedly decreased in either group treated with theophylline with PMS or with HCG. 3) Theophylline effect on implantation of the embryos. (1) Pregnancy rate was markedly decreased in both group of control and theophylline treatment.