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The Measurement of Spleen by Ultrasonography in Normal Korean Adults: by the Use of Splenic Volumetric Index

Jeong Soo Suh, Myung Sook Lee
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Department of Diagnostic Radiology, College of Medicine, Ewha Womans University, Korea.
Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, Kunkook University, Korea.

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


Ultrasound has been found to be accurate, reliable and comfortable method in the measurement of spleen. Also ultrasound offers the rapid and simple method of estimating volume of spleen in vivo against the computed tomography.

The study was undertaken to obtain standard values of size in three dimensions and normal range of splenic volume by the use of splenic volumetric index(SVI) in normal korean adults.

The author analyzed 100 cases of abdominal ultrasonography of normal korean adults.

The results were as fallows :

1) The average size of spleen in adult male was 6.85±1.31cm in breadth, 4.93±1.27cm in thickness, 6.33±1.46cm in height ; in adult fermales, 6.61±1.23cm, 5.17±1.25cm, 6.33±1.42cm respectively ; total average, 6.73±1.27cm, 5.05±1.27cm, 6.33±1.39cm, respectively.

2) The average splenic volumetric index in adult male was 8.20±3.95 : in adult females, 8.41±4.08 : total average, 8.31±4.00 : upper limit, 20.65 : lower limit 2.24.

3) There were no statistical differences of SVI and size between sex and age.