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Computerization of Patient Data Management for Urology with Personal Computer

Bong Suck Shim, Young Yo Park, Sung Won Kwon
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Department of Urology, College of Medicine, Ewha Womans University, Korea.

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Published Online: Jul 24, 2015


The largest character of the modern society, so called the era of the information. is 'C&C'(Computer and communication). As the up-to-date science and new knowledges develope,so far there is increasement of the real necessity of the computer to use huge medical informationmore rapidly and effectively.

As the electronic industry is developed, it is possible to do a business with the personalcomputer(PC), which was possible only by a large-computer at past.

After the recognition of the rational inevitability of the business computerization, and ifsomeone looks for the sujects to computerize. they must choose the supervision of the clinicaldata about the in-patient first of all.

The patient supervising system should retain the databases which serve the reference functionto user's requirements. Under these purposes, it is very important to classify the cases dependingon the names of the diagnoses and operations, and easy and rapid recollect of the appropriatedata. And of course this system also be able to contribute to the research and education aswell as the preservation of the patient data.

So, we report the results of 2-year practice in urologic patient supervising program, whichwe enlighted for presenting the guidelines for Program making of the in-patinent data- supervi-sion and the standard for the mandatory clause and database files so that in order to gaugethe ability of the computerization of the patient supervision with PC from now on.