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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 6, No. 3, 1983

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▶ Review Article

Tropical Parasitic Diseases in Korea
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):107-113.
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▶ Original Article

Ultrastructural and Cytochemical Studies on the Uterine Endometrial Cells of Rat at Preinplantation Stage
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):115-138.
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Histopathological Study of the Liver of Mice Infected with Clonorchis sinensis
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):139-148.
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Acute Effect of Methylprednisolone in Experimental Spinal Cord Injury
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):149-156.
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Studies of A, B, or O(H) Surface Antigen Specificity of Bladder Lesions
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):157-162.
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A Clinical Study of Abdominal Trauma
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):163-170.
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Clinical Study of 160 Cases of Breast Tumor
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):171-178.
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A Study of Supracondylar and Intercondylar Fractures of the Femur
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):179-186.
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Clinicopathological Study of the Chronic Otitis Media (Mastoidectomy for Cholesteatoma)
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):187-196.
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Clinical Observation of Herpes Zoster
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):197-202.
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▶ Case Report

A Case of Endodermal Sinus Tumor of the Pineal Gland
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):203-206.
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A Case of Hypoplastic Anemia with Typhoid Fever
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):207-216.
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Tuberculous Tenosynovitis of Hand (A Case Report)
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):217-220.
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Bilateral Total Knee Replacement: A Case Report
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):221-224.
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A Case of Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):225-229.
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A Case of Bilateral Tubal Pregnancy
Ewha Med J 1983;6(3):231-234.
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