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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 6, No. 4, 1983

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Review Article

No title in English KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):237-244.
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Original Article

A Study on Community Nutrition in an Rural Area KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):245-253.
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A Study on Effectiveness of B.C.G. Vaccination in Rural School Children KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):255-259.
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Estrogen and Progesterone Levels in Peripheral Plasma and the Concentration of Nuclear Estradiol Receptor in Uterine Endometrium at the Early Pregnant Rats KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):261-268.
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Clinical Study on Laryngo-Microscopic Surgery for Vocal Nodules and Polyps KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):269-278.
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The Morphological Study of the Dorsalis Pedic Artery and the Vascular Pedicles of the Latissimus Dorsi for Clinical Application KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):279-284.
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The Experimental Comparision of the Method Using Amniotic Cuff with Tranditional Methods in Microvascular Anastomoses KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):285-290.
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A Clinical Analysis of the Traumatic Injuries of the Liver KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):291-298.
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Clinical Significance of Treadmill Exercise Test in Diabetes Mellitus KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):299-306.
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The Neurobehavior of Premature Newborn Infants KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):307-311.
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The Histopathologic and Histochemical Study of the Endometrium in Sterility KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):313-319.
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Clinical Study of the Bechcet's Syndrome KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):321-328.
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An Endoscopic Study of Esophageal Varices KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):329-335.
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Clinical Analysis of Hypertensive Intracerebral Hemorrhage KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):337-346.
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A Clinical Study of Genitourinary Tuberculosis KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):347-352.
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Statistical Studies of Pediatrics Emergency Room Patients KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):353-359.
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Case Report

Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS) in Patient with Perforated Stomach (Case Report) KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):361-367.
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Definitive Operation Using Two GIA Autosutures for Hirschsprung's Disease KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):369-374.
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Chronic Factitious Disorder with Physical Symptoms: Munchausen Syndrome KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):375-379.
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A Case of Amyloidosis KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):381-386.
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Clonoscopic Findings of Amebic Colititis in 2 Cases KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):387-392.
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A Case of Lead Poisoning After Ingestion of Herb Pills KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):393-398.
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A Case of Giant Hydronephrosis KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):399-402.
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A Case of Primary Ureteral Tumor KOR
Ewha Med J 1983;6(4):403-407.
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