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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 7, No. 1, 1984

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▶ Original Article

The Effects of Vitamin A and E on Lipid Peroxidation in Ethanol Administered Rat Liver Microsomes
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):3-7.
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Studies on Morphologic Changes of Liver Biopsy in Hbe Antigen Positive Patients
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):9-17.
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The Clinical and Histopathologic Studies on Basal Cell Epithelioma
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):19-28.
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The Experimental Comparisions of the Venous Free Flaps with the Reversed Arterial Free Flaps
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):29-34.
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▶ Case Report

A Case of Interstitial Pregnancy (Unruptured)
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):35-38.
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Cardiopulmonary Arrest Following Small Intravenous Doses of Diazepam (Valium)
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):39-42.
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Bronchoplastic Procedures after Sleeve Resextion of Left Main Bronchus Including Left Lower Lobe: A Case Report
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):43-48.
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A Case of Giant Paraclinoid Aneurysm
Ewha Med J 1984;7(1):49-52.
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