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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 17, No. 4, 1994

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Review Article

Review on the Curriculum of Department of Medicine KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):279-287.
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Original Article

Study on the Mechanism of the Translocation of Glucose Transporter by Insulin KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):289-295.
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linical and Histopathologic Study of Adenocarcinoma in the Urinary Bladder KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):297-307.
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Histopathologic Study of non-Cancerous Lesion of the Prostate KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):309-320.
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A Study on Microorganisms Isolated from Clinical Specimens and Their Antimicrobial Susceptibility KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):321-328.
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Effects of Sequential Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer: Long Term Results KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):329-336.
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A Study on Ego Defense Mechanisms of the Forensic Schizophrenia Group by Ewha Diagnostic Test of Diagnostic Mechanism(EDMT) KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):337-344.
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Effectsof Protein and Amino Acid(Glutamate) on the Development of Late 2-Cell Mouse Embryo in vitro KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):345-354.
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Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone(LLETZ) as an Alternation Treatment for Cervical Interepithelial Neoplasia(CIN) KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):355-361.
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Retinal Changes after Replacement of Vitreous with Perfluorodecalin KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):363-369.
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The Influence of Contact Lens Wearing on Tear Film KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):371-375.
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Clinical Analysis of Moyamoya Disease KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):377-382.
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Case Report

The Normal Humero-Capitellar Angle in Children ; Baumann Angle and Lateral Humero-Capitellar Angle KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):383-390.
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Original Article

Decreased rCBF in Dpressed Elderly patient with Cognitive Impairment KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):391-395.
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Case Report

A Case of Xeroderma Pigmentosum Associated with Squamous Cell Carcinoma KOR
Ewha Med J 1994;17(4):397-401.
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