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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 47, No. 1, 2024

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▶ Editorial

Gender equity in medical journals in Korea and this issue ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e1
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▶ Special Article

Sustaining peace on the Korean Peninsula and the role of international organizations: a secondary publication ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e2
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▶ Review Article

Sex differences in pharmacotherapy for heart failure ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e3
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Overview of endocrine tumor syndromes manifesting as adrenal tumors ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e4
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▶ Original Article

Sleep disorders, sleep quality, and health-related quality of life in patients with cancer in Turkey: a multi-center cross-sectional survey ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e5
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Exosomal microRNAs (miRNAs) in blood and urine under physiological conditions: a comparative study ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e6
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▶ Case Report

Bilateral axillo-breast approach robotic total thyroidectomy without isthmectomy: a case report ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e7
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Endoscopically resected duodenal lipoma as an uncommon cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding: a case report ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e8
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▶ Images and Solution

Disseminated cutaneous gout: a rare manifestation of gout ENG
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e9
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▶ Guidelines

Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER): rationale for the SAGER guidelines and recommended use: a Korean translation KOR
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e10
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The Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) guidelines: implementation and checklist development: a Korean translation KOR
Ewha Med J 2024;47(1):e11
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January, 2024
Vol. 47, No. 1


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