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The Ewha Medical Journal. Vol. 18, No. 4, 1995

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Review Article

The Revised Curriculum of Department of Medicine in the Year of 1995 KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):287-300.
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Original Article

Genomic Organization of Human β3 Subunit Gene of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):301-307.
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CCAAT-binding Transcription Factor(CTF) Proteins Required for the Transcriptional Stimulation by Thyroid Hormone in GH4C1 Cells KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):309-313.
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Histopathological Analysis of Focal Infarction in Gerbil Brain Induced by Ferrite Infusion Through the Femoral Vein: New Experimental Model for Focal Infarction KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):315-321.
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Analysis of Histopathology of the Irradiated Adult Rat Brain During First 3 Post-Irradiation Months: Expression of Protein Kinase C and the Role of Apoptosis in Radiation Encephalopathy KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):323-333.
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Effect of Ethanol on the Neuronal Viability and Neurite Outgrowth in Primary Cultures of Rat Hippocampus KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):335-342.
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Statistical Techniques and Misuse of Statistical Methods in The Ewha Medical Journal: From 1978 to 1995 KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):343-356.
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The Clinical and Pathologic Review of IgA Nephropathy KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):357-365.
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Simultaneous Detection of Intracytoplasmic CD3ε and Surface CD4 and CD8 Expression by Murine Thymocyte by Flow Cytometry KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):367-374.
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The Clinical Value of Rapid Urease Test(CLO Test) for the Detection of Helicobacter Pylori in Gastric Biopsy Specimens of Duodenal Ulcer Patients KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):375-381.
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A Study on the Social Character of Koreans KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):383-389.
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Study on MMPI of the Organic Brain Syndrome Group and he Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Group KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):391-397.
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A Cross-Cultural Study of Cultural, Psychological Factors on Drinking Behavior Among Koreans, Korean-Chines, and Chinese KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):399-409.
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Preliminary Study of Experimental Neural Network Model in the Nervous System KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):411-414.
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Evaluation of Mortality in Surgical Neonates at Ewha Womans University Hospital KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):415-421.
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Diagnostic Assessment of Pain Drawings in Low Back Pain KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):423-428.
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The Effect of Cardioplegic Solution on Coronary Artery KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):429-433.
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Anterior Reconstructive Procedures in Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):435-442.
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Influence of Hyperglycemia on Energy Metabolism in Ischemic Brain KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):443-449.
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A Clinical and Histopathological Study of the Epithelial Ovarian Cancer KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):451-458.
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Argon Laser and Nd-Yag Laser Combined Iridectomy KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):459-463.
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Effect of Na-Hyaluronan on Experimental Corneal Alkali Burns KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):465-468.
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Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence with Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz Operation KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):469-473.
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Imaged-Guided Percutaneous Fine-Needle Aspitation Biopsy KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):475-479.
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The Role and Value of the MR Angiography of Vascular Lesion in the Brain : Comparative Analysis with Conventional Angiography KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):481-486.
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The Effect of Cis-Diammine Dichloro Platinum(II) on Radiation Injury in the Rat Bowel KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):487-498.
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Endovascular Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysm with Mechanical Dtachable System-Spiral Coils KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):499-504.
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Relation Between the Predisposing Factors and Fungal Species in the Patients with Fungemia KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):505-511.
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Case Report

A Case of Rifampin-induced Severe Trombocytopenia KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):513-516.
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Aotic Dissection with Hoarseness Developed after Physical Stress KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):517-522.
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A Case of Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease Presinted with Nephrotic Syndrome KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):523-527.
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A Case of Pseudoseizure Due to Childhood Incest KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):529-534.
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An Acquired Reactive Perforating Collagenosis KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):535-538.
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Two Cases of Ovarian Bleeding Treated by Transvaginal Sonography KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):539-543.
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Pharyngocutaneous Fistula Following Myocutaneous Flap Reconstruction for Recurrent Hypopharyngeal Malignancy: A Case Report KOR
Ewha Med J 1995;18(4):545-548.
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